Hello! My name is Tobiah Brown, an intern counselor here at the Clinic. I’ve lived in central Oregon before and have returned!

My passion is working with children aged 0-5 and their families. I believe that this period is one of the critical ones of our lives. Its lasts forever- parents get to parent from 0-40, and children get to be someone’s child for the rest of their lives. With that, supporting families as they develop is a critical role of our society, and I choose to be active in this role. I work from a matriarchal perspective so really work from a nurturing point of view that does not shy away from collaborative work that includes your family as you define it. I also work with your family as it is growing- before, during and after pregnancy. I find it an honor be present with and create ceremony around transitional moments in life.

My training is in neurosequential model of therapeutics, touch points, trauma informed care, and in infant child mental health.
Call me for a 30-minute consult so we can determine if we are to journey together.

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